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My Brief Background

I am Arvell Craig. I started my first web business in the early 2000’s. Over the next 20(ish) years my career transitioned from design and SEO, to email marketing and then chatbots. Since COVID, I transitioned from entrepreneurship to supporting larger companies with TCPA compliance and now conversational AI.

Throughout the years, public speaking, coaching, and writing have always been a part of what I’ve loved most. Helping and teaching... sharing insights and breakthroughs for growth and fulfillment.

Thus, the reason for this substack.

Today I’m an AI Evangelist for two upcoming AI products: VAgents and CallComply. And upon request, I’m available to speak on conversational and generative AI — visit: ArvellCraig.com.

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AI Evangelist @ VAgents & Keynote Speaker... Fascinated by the connection of personal growth and development for success, meaning, and impact.